50 Shades of Grinnell: Lust by the Book

CW: Sexual Assault

This is the second installment in the fictional “50 Shades of Grinnell” series. Click here to read the first, “Dhall After Dark.”

The snow fell with a feather like elegance, coating the central-Iowan landscape in a white, powdered sugar-esque coating. The sun danced off of the colorless surfaces blinding the mentally immature college students who were building snowmen and sledding on dining hall trays. Amy wished that she could join them. However, she was perched on the fourth floor of Burling library, writing a ten page poli sci paper. “Why am I even taking this class” Amy thought, as her Computer Science major did not require that she take a 295 level political science class. “Oh well, all in the name of a liberal arts education. Anyways, 18th century French political theory might be helpful in my future career as a software developer, you never know.” Amy briefly contemplated sleeping in the library that night. The walk back to Cowles would be chilly to say the least, and she knew that she would be up a good while longer. However, just then, she remembered how her mother walked fifteen blocks every day to and from her job at Starbucks, just so she could provide a semblance of a living for three. She even refused to go to the hospital after a hot water-incident at work left her with second degree burns all over her arms. No, Amy would walk back, no matter how dark and cold it became as the hours dragged on.

The snow began to accumulate on the small square window behind Amy’s laptop screen. She wondered why Burling fourth even had windows to begin with. Their laughably small size made the space seem almost more prison-like. Amy’s fingers skittered across they keyboard coming to an awkward pause as they pressed the squishy metal and silicone apparatus where the “r” key used to be, a rather large inconvenience when typing a paper about Robespierre.
As Amy began page seven, the phone to her right buzzed, inching it’s way off of her workstation and landing with a loud “thud” on the floor. All those working around her glared at her with eyes that could shoot daggers as she sheepishly bent over to pick up the device. It was just her luck that the fall had caused the battery cover to fly off and the battery to be removed. To revive the phone would mean to cause more unnecessary electronic ruckus, an occurrence that was probably not wanted or needed at the moment. She decided to ignore the incident and continue working. Anyways, it was unlikely that whoever was trying to contact her would help her make progress on her paper.

Another hour passed, another page was completed. However, writers block was beginning to take its toll. Soon, Amy would have to resort to complete bullshit, or heaven-forbid, size 14 punctuation marks. Suddenly, a small, hard object struck the window. Amy looked up from her work. Another struck the window, and landed on the exterior window sill. She recognized it immediately as one of the godawful molasses cookies from the outtakes boxes of yesteryear. But how could that be? Molasses cookies had not been served in what seemed like eons. For a moment, Amy thought she was seeing things, and decided that it was time for a break. She took the elevator down to the first floor to get some tea, replacing her phone battery in the process. It sprung to life, immediately displaying thirty missed text messages. They were all from Ashton, sent over the course of the past two hours, and all saying something to the effect of “where are you?” She began a new text to Ashton as she stepped out the door into the snowy night. Just as she was about to press “send”, she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Ashton, standing in a North Face bubble jacket, snowflakes accumulating in his tousled hair, and the same fake Piaget watch adorning his wrist, his fist clutching a Ziploc bag full of molasses cookies.

“Ashton, what are you doing here? Also, where did you get molasses cookies? Those have been gone for years.” Ashton replied, “After I heard a rumor that molasses cookies were going to be discontinued, I got an outtake every day until I had filled ten of these bags full of them. And tonight I just felt like I had to see you. After you didn’t answer my texts, I took a wild guess where you would be. Turns out I was right.” “Well now that you’re here, lets get out of the cold. It’s fucking freezing out here.” The couple went back inside the library. It was half past midnight, and Burling would be closing soon. The huge building was nearly empty. Amy moved toward the hot water dispenser, and reached for a teabag. “Do you want some?” she asked. “No thanks” said Ashton “hot tea just brings back bad memories for me, it’s a long story.” “I see…” said Amy, feeling perplexed, yet somehow compassionate. Almost subconsciously, Amy put her arm around Ashton, as they sat in the dark alcove of one of Burling’s famed “jungle gyms.” Ashton kissed her on the cheek, and Amy suddenly had an idea “Ashton, how about we do it. Right here, right now.” With a sly grin on his face, Ashton replied, “I was just going to ask you the same thing.”

Amy immediately tore off her shirt, and Ashton snuck up behind her, undoing her bra with his teeth. He spun her around, and buried his face in her warm breasts. Amy slipped off her yoga pants and Ashton in turn removed his jeans. He pressed her up against the ladder leading to the second level of the structure. Amy bent her back over one of the rungs of the ladder as Ashton slipped his tongue into her vagina. Ashton’s lips moved all over her supple labia as he massaged the flesh of Amy’s tender ass in his palms. Suddenly, Amy grabbed Ashton by the hand and started off toward the elevator. “What’s wrong?” asked Ashton as he was dragged away, his penis bouncing as he was lifted from the ground. “I’d better go check to make sure nobody wandered off with my laptop.” Amy said with a giggle. Ashton responded in turn, “But what about self gov? Amy pressed the button for the fourth floor and replied, “Ah yes, self gov is love.” The doors to the elevator spread open, and the pair rushed inside, liplocking and caressing each other as they moved ever higher. By the time the elevator reached it’s destination, the two had made their way to the floor, and rolled out as the doors closed. With Amy lying on her stomach, Ashton rose to his knees, gripped Amy by her sides, and plunged himself deep within her asshole. Amy let out a squeal, following by a satisfactory moan, as she closed her eyes and let the ride continue. Ashton was grunting heavily, sweat beginning to bead up on his brow. In a moment of intense pleasure, Amy suddenly jerked up, sending Ashton flying into a ten foot tall bookshelf. The bookshelf leaned to one side, and struck the one next to it. The domino effect continued, as Amy and Ashton paused to watch how badly they fucked up. After a series of loud crashes, A pile of books laid in utter disarray, a stark contrast to the meticulous order that had existed seconds before. Ashton sighed “Oh well, let’s make the most of this.” The two crawled to the summit of the mountain of books and the rumpus continued. Amy grabbed Ashton’s cock, and shoved it deep down her throat, nearly choking herself in the process. Ashton was laying on an uncomfortable pile of paper and plastic library binding. He felt the papercuts all over his back, but he didn’t care, he relished in the pain. At long last, he ejaculated into Amy’s mouth. His cock was so deeply inserted that Amy had no choice but to swallow. She felt the warm liquid slide into her stomach, and felt a great wave of relief, immediately followed by panic. After all, they had just knocked over hundreds of books, and security would likely be arriving shortly.

Amy rushed to grab her laptop from the desk where she was studying. She had decided to take a caffeine pill, and make it an all-nighter to finish her final two pages. Amy and Ashton’s naked bodies scampered down the stairs, back to the jungle gym where their clothes. As they got dressed, Amy remarked, “That wasn’t very self-gov of us.” “Ashton remarked, “Well, I’m not sure about that. Remember, self gov says that it’s okay to make a mess as long as you clean it up. How about you go back upstairs and check?” “No way!” Amy exclaimed “Security is gonna be here any minute!” “I guess you’re right” said Ashton “How about we come back tomorrow and clean up what we can?” The pair left the library. It suddenly dawned on Amy that she did not know where Ashton lived. But when she turned around to ask, all she saw were the lights of Burling illuminating the freshly fallen snow, with Ashton nowhere to be seen. Amy told herself that she was too tired to think coherently, and Ashton must have used another door. However, a small detail caught her eye. Through one of the pinhole-sized windows on the fourth floor, she could see bookshelves standing straight up, not in the disheveled pile that her and Ashton left them in. Once again, Amy blamed her sleep-deprived state for what must have obviously been a hallucination. She reached into her pocket and procured a small white bottle. She choked down two 500mg caffeine pills with no water. She still had a long night ahead of her.


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