the GUM’s Inaugural Letter from the Editors

Anti-Semitism. Reverse racism. The Eurozone. Jack Taylor. Drag. Concussions. #Grinwell. Zeitgeist. No Limits.

We don’t know what the GUM–Grinnell Underground Magazine–was when it was founded at Grinnell College over a decade ago. We don’t know which students were involved or what they wrote. We only know that it was a sardonic magazine, like a precursor to the B&S.

The GUM presented students with an opportunity to express their subversive side. They filled its pages with articles eschewing the administration, critiquing national politics, and pointedly protesting the segregation inherent to Grinnell’s separate dining halls. Or not. We like to think they did, though.

While that legendary version of the GUM has since ceased production, we—Nathan Forman ’15, Joe Wlos ’15, and Solomon Miller ’13—pilfered its title in 2012 and reclaimed its exploitation of the First Amendment. Since then, other editors–have continued the GUM’s work.

The GUM intends to print long-form, thought provoking stories that pick apart the actions, ideas, and circumstances of student life at Grinnell.

We will take submissions from anyone. Writers will decide their own topic, choose their own format, and write their piece as they see fit.

We will print any idea. We have no criteria for publishing beyond our arbitrary assessment of writing quality.

Our first issue discussed queer life here and a professor’s thoughts; raucous alcoholic weekends and raucous sub-free weekends; social justice; and the future of financial aid. We tried to create a collage of the entire Grinnell experience. Each subsequent issue, and this website, will advance that goal.

Please enjoy the GUM.

Nathan Forman ’15 | Solomon Miller ’13 | Joe Wlos ’15 


All views and opinions expressed in the GUM‘s articles are the contributors’ and writers’ alone.