Author: Nolan Boggess

The Mixed Up Files of Mr. Nolan B. Boggess (Part I)


I enter the Marketplace Grill and nervously scan my friend’s p-card, as my lunch bunch dining plan does not allot me the comfort of dinner. I head straight to pizza, ignoring the nutritionist’s comment that pizza isn’t the best source of protein for every meal. Stupid.

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Conditioned To Be Shy

I’m not a quiet guy. The countless number of people who have heard me sing in Burling and the grill will tell you that. I am not afraid to approach someone and start a casual conversation or state my opinion in an argument–dare I say the word?–“extrovert” immediately comes to my mind when describing myself. I am not shy. Yet why does the idea of getting romantically or sexually involved with someone seal my lips with permanent duct tape?

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