Cut the Liberal Pablum: The Right is Not Your Friend

Editor’s note: The S&B article mentioned below has since had its title changed to “Grinnell Republicans Form New Campus Organization.”

Grinnell College is getting demonstrably worse on a micro-sociopolitical level. The college’s shameful relationship with POC, the whining of campus reactionaries, and most groan-inducingly, the ever increasing tepid liberalism of the south campus intelligentsia, have all shown to be disconcerting examples of the college’s steadfast decline into a blasé Princeton Review institution alongside Oberlin and Macalester.

Recently, the Scarlet and Black, a usually laudable outfit, published a farcical piece entitled “Grinnell Republicans Bring Balance Back To Campus Narrative.” Historically, draconian ideologies designed explicitly to divide and disenfranchise are what liberals have deemed “balancing.” It is an unfortunate fact that campus conservatives feel empowered enough to voice themselves in our Trumpian America and it is even more disheartening that so-called campus progressives feel the need to support and advocate for their platform.

There has never been respectable conservatism.

There has never been compassionate conservatism.

There has never been sensible conservatism.

The true campus narrative is one of complete ignorance to political theory and reality. Politics is not a congenial debate or a bipartisan French salon between two equal groups seeking to better society. This is the mindset of the continually audible collegian liberal. To them, the reasonable solution to campus contentions is to meet in the middle and regard the reactionary presence with pleasantries and coddling. This is an utter misunderstanding of politics.

Politics is a perpetual conflict of resources and power. The rightwing, be it Paul Ryan or the Grinnell College Republicans, have made it clear they are allied with the capitalists and their ideological weapons of economic austerity, nativism, and white supremacy. The liberal-left refuses to reckon with the fundamental goals of these reactionary bourgeois classes, often because they too are linked politically and monetarily, but also because they simply indulge a fantastical ideation of the political domain in which all individuals are allowed and encouraged to broadcast their ideals, even if those ideals call for the suffering of many to benefit the few.

Donald Trump’s ascendancy was not the result of refusing to converse with the right. Succinctly put, Hillary Clinton was an appallingly uninspiring corporate shill that offered the American people nothing but the same measly neoliberalism that continues to beleaguer people globally. To defeat Trump, we cannot ease our gaze to the right, we cannot validate a system motivated by the burden of capital.

The Grinnell College Republicans will assuredly try to differentiate themselves from Trump’s administration by offering the empty buzzwords of “tradition” and constitution,” rhetoric that liberals delude themselves into believing distances them from the outright proto-fascism of our current federal government. Avoid being duped by such an absurdly thin veil. Tradition means white. Constitution means disenfranchisement. Donald Trump is not an anomalous GOP aberration, he is merely a Republican with a boorish Manhattan flair. Despite the protests and posturing of campus conservatives, it remains blatantly so that the ideology of Trump is the ideology of the Republican party. There is a reason why the cosmetically hollow #NeverTrump movement of the coastal Republican elite faltered immediately: the “traditional” and “intellectual” faction of the party wasn’t that opposed to Trump’s successes in the first place.

It has been two weeks since Congress sadistically condemned thousands of Americans to suffer and die without healthcare and campus liberals, disappointing as ever, profess concerns for the voices of the right.

The Left will not validate the right. The Left will not compromise with the right.

What will it be Grinnell College Democrats,

socialism or barbarism?


  1. Article Written By Organization With No Actual Solutions Presents No Actual Solutions

  2. This has got to be satire. There is no way that this is real.

  3. is this satire? im legitimately not sure

  4. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”

  5. This wholly insipid rancorous diatribe is not only churlish but also reads like the mere prattling of a capricious child whom was coddled too much during their tutelage. Moreover their was no elucidation of evidence present to further your argument. Truly abbhorent.

  6. Load the napalm fam, we’re going in dry.

    But seriously, this is the type of empty rhetoric that as a social democrat makes me understand why the “kale party” has become as much a point of derision and satire as the tea party all too easily churned itself out to be.

  7. “It may easily happen that after a length of time, someone will regard clearly harmful poisons as an integral part of one’s own people, or at least will come to tolerate them as a necessary evil so that they no longer feel it is necessary to search for the poisonous germ.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Ford Translation).

    Hello darkness my old friend
    I have come to talk to you again

  8. is this a movement or a pissing contest?

    February 13, 2017 at 8:43 PM

    bro! i agree with most of your points but this was so grating to read! who is the intended audience of this? what kind of people do you think can be won over with nothing but antagonism and five dollar words? there’s no solid foundation for this movement- or at least not one that came across in this article. im disappointed

  9. are y'all secretly neoliberal corporate shills???

    February 14, 2017 at 11:36 PM

    I’m so confused, you say all of conservatism is not your friend, Trump and the right wing are the same, and cite the dismantlement of far-right Heritage Foundation brainchild Obamacare? Surely, [antifa] you must recognize the irony in that.

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