Takshil Sachdev

he / him / his

Takshil Sachdev is the charming brown boy your girlfriend tells you not to worry about. He’s a firm believer in the fact that ramen is the only way to a man’s heart. Always willing to try new things, he once ate a watermelon with Sriracha and liked it. If you see him in the street, holler at him about Chelsea F.C. but if u accidentally call football “soccer” then only shacs can save you.


Steven Duong

he / him / his

When Steven Duong was fourteen years old, he slew Jared the Ice Dragon with nothing but a plastic kazoo and his wits, consequently winning the hand of the Princess. He currently resides in Grinnell, Iowa and does some contract work as a dragon slayer, though his true passion is making pizza bagels at Bob’s.


Fintan Rowan Mason

any pronouns

fintan, like all humans, is in a state of constant drying.

fintan remedies this by summoning the snowstorm.

Elliott Maya

they / them / theirs

while elliott may look like a human being, they are actually the physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you find a strange shiny bauble on the pavement and for some reason want to take it home. when they are not being this particular moment, Elliott can be found conversing with the marigold colored mushrooms on south campus or writing love letters in Burling.


Anna Tuchin

she / her / hers

Anna Tuchin is not like other girls.

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