Grinnell College Students to Protest Police Brutality, Systemic Racism and Inequality, Memorialize the Dead

Following Grand Jury Decision Not to Indict Darren Wilson

Students at Grinnell College are organizing in solidarity with protestors in Ferguson to host an on-campus sit-in action Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 5 P.M. in the lobby of the Joe Rosenfield Center, calling attention to the deaths of hundreds at the hands of police as a result of police brutality, systemic racism, militarization, and profiling. Following the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, 18, who was killed in August by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, activists across the country have organized to protest systemic racism, inequality, and police brutality.

After over three months of deliberation behind closed doors, the Grand Jury, hearing the evidence for Wilson’s case, has decided not to indict him, allowing the killer of an unarmed teen to walk free without even being taken to court for his involvement in Brown’s death. The fact that the criminal justice system has so egregiously failed to take steps to prevent fatal police brutality against unarmed victims, largely men of color, or punish those who kill them, points to a larger issue of systematic failure to value black life.

In response to the ruling in Ferguson, over 100 students plan to gather outside the Grinnell College dining hall in the Joe Rosenfield Center at 5 P.M. to remember those killed by police. As the protest draws to a close, students will pause for four and a half minutes of silence, in commemoration of the four and a half hours that Michael Brown’s body lay in the street. The protest will close with group chants calling for systemic changes, followed by networking and organizing amongst the protesters to lay out a longer-term plan of action to end racism and police brutality. The protest is being organized by RISE Grinnell, a group of over two dozen students at Grinnell College who also organized a trip to Ferguson for the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance protests.

For more information relating to the death of Michael Brown, RISE Grinnell has created a “Ferguson Fact Sheet”, which can be accessed by contacting organizers at

For information on the protests and political action going on in Ferguson and around the country, visit,


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