Notes from Playwriting Short Course

He gets up in front of everyone with his beard

that hasn’t been shaved in 6 months and explains

that he’s—personally—more biased in favor of British theatre.

A blonde girl in the front row laughs,

even though there’s no way

anything he just said could possibly be considered funny.


And then he goes off and talks

about Chekhov and naturalism

for 45 minutes

and the blonde girl in the front row

keeps laughing at him

like she’s going to blow him during our ten minute break


and the visiting playwright wears a navy blue t-shirt

with a vest and a scarf over it

while he is spewing all of these priceless thoughts,

until the scarf starts to slip off of his shoulder on one side

very slowly, while using terms like “powerful” and “heartbreaker”

to describe the character Blanche from the play Streetcar Named Desire.



This is the first of a series of poems by Leo Abbe.


  1. Has anyone ever read something by Leo Abbe that isn’t fundamentally dismissive and outright hostile towards women

  2. Miss O. Genistic

    April 21, 2015 at 1:58 AM

    Dear Shmuck,

    This vapid poem seeks to be something that it’s not. No need to hyper-sexualize your classmates.

    Blonde Girl in the Front Row

  3. this is very bad

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