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Don’t Let Our Action Be Overshadowed

I want to start off by saying I appreciate and support the work that [antifa] and other progressive activists on campus have been doing. The campus political climate, like that of the United States, is becoming increasingly divisive. In my opinion, this is in part due to the reemergence of the Grinnell Republican Club and their refusal to denounce our new president and his administration.

I’d like to respond to an article the GUM recently published, titled “Cut the Liberal Pablum: The Right is Not Your Friend.” I agree fundamentally with the ideas presented; I think conservatism inherently marginalizes groups of amazing people. However, this article, which reflects the sentiment of numerous other people on campus, criticizes the Scarlet and Black for its Features article about the Grinnell Republicans Club, while failing to mention three other stories published last week: “Anti-fascist art vandalized, criticized;” “Immigration ban sparks response from students and administration;” (both of which criticize Trump and/or fascism) and “Grinnell community speaks on President Trump’s Executive Order.”

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Cut the Liberal Pablum: The Right is Not Your Friend

Editor’s note: The S&B article mentioned below has since had its title changed to “Grinnell Republicans Form New Campus Organization.”

Grinnell College is getting demonstrably worse on a micro-sociopolitical level. The college’s shameful relationship with POC, the whining of campus reactionaries, and most groan-inducingly, the ever increasing tepid liberalism of the south campus intelligentsia, have all shown to be disconcerting examples of the college’s steadfast decline into a blasé Princeton Review institution alongside Oberlin and Macalester.

Recently, the Scarlet and Black, a usually laudable outfit, published a farcical piece entitled “Grinnell Republicans Bring Balance Back To Campus Narrative.” Historically, draconian ideologies designed explicitly to divide and disenfranchise are what liberals have deemed “balancing.” It is an unfortunate fact that campus conservatives feel empowered enough to voice themselves in our Trumpian America and it is even more disheartening that so-called campus progressives feel the need to support and advocate for their platform.

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Calling for Climate Justice

In response to President Kington’s Campus Memo on Divestment:

My name is Rachel Buckner, and I am a third year at Grinnell College. I am currently studying off-campus in San Francisco, Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia, studying climate change and the politics of food, water, and energy. As I journey around the world, learning about the state of our climate, I cannot sit back as my home institution disregards divestment as a critical step in curbing climate change and ending climate injustice.

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A Ghost

the voices coming
through the floorboards
tell you there is no
underlying rationality and
you know this to be true.

you open doors and
closets to find the darkness
but whenever you do light
cannot help but flood
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~bubble of humans~ is a series focused on individuals @ grnl riding the limits of the bubble.

episode 4 stars comedy master Phoebe Schreckinger.

Pressing Unpause

Near the end of July, as I was starting to get ready to return to Grinnell, I got an unexpected email from Residence Life:

“Greetings from Grinnell College!

We are writing today to let you know residence hall and roommate assignments are now available online… students were matched by hand and to the best of our ability according to preferences submitted on your Roommate Form… We encourage you to contact your roommate(s) prior to arriving on campus to become acquainted.”

At first, I was confused. Returning for my second year at Grinnell, I’d already picked my roommate in the spring. This email, which was clearly meant for the incoming first-years, was just the first; I got emails with advice on how to prepare for college and telling me what to expect during New Student Orientation. For a moment, I actually considered showing up during NSO — if no one was expecting me, I would just show the emails I’d received.

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~bubble of humans~ is a series focused on individuals @ grnl riding the limits of the bubble.

episode 3 stars empowering human Yesenia Ayala.

Healthcare, not Selfcare

As a low-income student, I was reliant on Iowa’s Medicaid for most of my time at Grinnell. I remember feeling a lot of fear this past spring, when my Medicaid was suddenly privatized, not knowing what it meant for the future of my health. Lord knows that SHACS is so underfunded that I can barely even rely on it for my physical healthcare needs, let alone my mental health. So I took a deep breath, and had hope that my healthcare would remain stable. I thought lots of positive thoughts.

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