Tim Burnette,  2015-2016

When he’s not doing homework, tim leads a ~shhhhh secret shhhhh~ double life of Tammy, a rising model, intellectual, and millennial who is unhappily married to Phil. Hit Tammyy up for dancing the night away–Tammy is always eager to play around.

Clare Roberts,  2015-2016

Clare lives on in her legacy of post-apocalyptic gear.

TJ Pearson, 2014-2016

Rosie O’Brien,  2013-2016

Rosie brought peace to Grinnell College through her advice to first-years: no upperclassmen hookups until after 10/10!

Katy Tucker, 2015

Megan Settle, 2015

Nathan Kim,  2014-2015

Nathan was in the midst of a 1,000 year slumber beneath the gnarled roots of an ancient ginkgo tree, when he was awakened by an intrepid admissions counselor looking boost Grinnell diversity stats. Nathan’s first recorded words are purported to be “wake me up when we’re multicultural.”

Max Christensen, 2014-2015

Max still hasn’t eaten yet today. What are words? Of course there’s ethical consumption under capitalism, what kind of selfish idea is it to assume your ethical principles apply to others in other cultures and even those immediately adjacent to you? Go play some D&D bro. Also SimCity 4. Also just drop out of life and pretend you’re a dog. Woof woof.

Nathan Forman,  2012-2015

Nathan Forman strongly believes that the Field House in the Bear should be open 24 hours a day–or at least longer during the winter.

Levya Beigel,  2013-2014

The editor formerly known as Linda is a fourth-year French/ GWSS major. She has a tattoo of a manatee on her right arm.

Linnea Hurst,  2013-2014

Linnea Hurst has dabbled in various styles of writing and never settled on just one. She is proud of the GUM for never settling on one either.

Devyn Shea,  2014

Devyn Shea is a second-year Sociology major and first-time assistant editor of the GUM. Devyn’s interests include new media, Kanye West and burritos.

Joe Wlos,  2012-2014

SPARC Chair Emeritus Joe Wlos knew that he would achieve great things when Oprah Winfrey touched him five years ago. He sincerely believes that the GUM is the fulfillment of that destiny. Like Oprah, the GUM is dynamic, bold, and beautiful. He hopes that you enjoy the magazine and the website.

Solomon Miller,  2012-2013

SGA troublemaker and former S&B Editor-in-Chief Solomon Miller started reporting so he could get to know the most interesting people on campus. Fueled by adrenaline, black coffee, and Bruce Springsteen grit, he’s spent more time in the JRC than any academic building and possibly even his own dorm rooms.