Self Gov Is Dead… And SGA Killed It

Unless SGA was able to invent a time machine, I doubt Kington was able to sign the amendment to create Campus Council.

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

To start off, let’s play a game.  If you were to divide the governments of Sweden, Canada, the Grinnell Student Body, Somalia, North Korea, and Iran into two groups, what would they be? I’d put the Swedish and Canadian governments in a select group that follows their constitutions, while the Somalian, North Korean, Iranian, and Grinnell Student Government fall into a group that fails in even the simplest task of following the instructions put forth in their constitutions.

You may exclaim, “Well, wait! What did SGA do to deserve this foul treatment?” Two words: Campus Council.

Last fall, the SGA Cabinet and Joint Board came together to change the name of Joint Board to Campus Council. Oh, cause you know, there’s nothing better for them to do. The Cabinet followed all of the proper guidelines put forth in the SGA Constitution. Well, at least one or two of them.

The SGA Constitution states, “All amendments must be ratified within two weeks, excluding time when the College is not in session, by sixty percent of the students voting and approved by the President of the College.”

So there are two things that must be fulfilled for this requirement to be met. Did the all-campus vote for Campus Council get at least 60%? Yep.  Was the amendment approved by President Kington? The answer is not clear, but what is clear, 100% clear, is that Kington did not approve the amendment within the two-week window.

For proof, all you need is basic arithmetic. The amendment was proposed on September 25, put to a vote on September 27, was closed to voting on October 8, and the grievance period, the period in which the results can not be released to anyone, was not over until October 9.

September 25 to October 9 was 14 days the College was in session. 14 days without approval from President Kington. Unless SGA was able to invent a time machine, I doubt Kington was able to sign the amendment.

While this may seem like merely an insignificant timing issue, the most discouraging aspect of the situation is that later in the semester, SGA Cabinet used the 14 day approval process as grounds for failure for a separate amendment that had already passed an all-campus vote with over 60% approval.

None of this is new. It was all laid out in a wonderful Scarlet and Black article last year, but as a new semester of Joint Board is starting and SGA Cabinet insists on labeling this atrocity of democracy as Campus Council, I think it is especially important to once again remember the most important thing: Long live Joint Board.

Max Mindock represented Smounker as SGA Senator last year. He works as Features Editor for the Scarlet and Black.


  1. Oh Max, how I miss you (and agree! mostly about how Joint Board was a cooler name)

  2. El humor procede de tomar esa imagen identificable y fingir que
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