I’ve just liked how music makes me feel, honestly. It’s 19 degrees out, there is snow on the ground, the wind cuts the temperature down in half, yet you can catch me on 6th avenue trudging through the sleet walking to Kum & Go at 2 am, why?

It is the only time in my life on this college campus where the focus of my full attention gets to be the music coming through my headphones, and the occasional thought on which direction I’m going. Sometimes, I get lucky, the playlist I made called “Bus Ride,” filled with around 30 hours of music, will shuffle just right, and the 30 minute round trip ends up feeling like the walk to the main laundry room from cleve beach. Sometimes I’ll walk and feel motionless, my feet will move of their own accord, my headphones’ volume unreasonably high, and one song turns into the other, and for a brief moment I’m reminded of my feet as they step out of beat with the new song. My legs make the necessary corrections and then my feet connect with the sidewalk every other beat and until the next song change I might as well be useless. Any energy not sent to my legs goes into trying to figure out how much of other people’s shit Drake will try and steal, where I can get my hands on the individual videos on Lemonade (p.s just kidding Beyonce i love tidal, ivy park is groundbreaking, please don’t have me killed), or wondering why 2 Chainz sounds like that.

When I made sidewise, I wanted to make a song that slaps, and was over before you knew it. Part of it is about weightlessness, part of it performance, and another part about being uninhibited. I love the strings at the end, for some reason they remind me of the opening credits of Catch Me If You Can, the Dicaprio/Hanks movie, and every time i hear them I’m reminded of flying alone, secure in your destination, and prepared for arrival. The track is a single take, the third take, and after the song was over and the vocals recorded I realized I had spent the better part of an hour putting it together, and that holy shit, I was already 10 minutes late to class. I wanted to make a song that I felt would move my feet for me, something to listen to that surrounded my head the way my favorite songs do. I don’t know if this is the best song you’ve heard today (if you haven’t heard the new Frank Ocean single, then thats a priority and the best song you’ll hear in a while), but hey, it made me late to class.