Resignation, Comprehension, Anger, Vitriol

I Resignation

its 3 am and we’re all crying
staying up on a tuesday night dying
cause now we’re requiring an ID to vote
step up to the plate of conversion therapy
continuing the legacy of racial arrests from dope
the fear in me takes up so much space
its really real, i hope, in case
i don’t need a gun, i just need mace
to protect from rape, and the president
I’m on the cliff face, edifice
ready to jump whenever shit gets treacherous
as you can see I’m halfway down
confederate belt buckle
flag burns with the rest of town
i feel instead, uneasy
my breathing uneven
my thoughts and my mind are seething

II Comprehension

i’m counting the days
till someone comes
takes my friends away
life under trump presidency
like excellency
if you gone take my legs
you’ve gotta come correctly
what did you expect from me
on the spot
in my pocket
i’ll show you democratic divisiveness
i hope they burn down your businesses
polarized parties will fight this shit
before ICE starts rounding up, rifling, seems
like NRA trifling, up picking steam
seems like a viper and
shit is venomous
hate from the streets and the tenement
cops filling up the spots where we eat
they don’t walk the block that the kkk meet
they’re not afraid, they voted for it
no need for undue respect to people they gotta treat
just to not get stopped
just to not feel like meat

III Anger

fuck your wife karen fuck your daughter audrey fuck your child charlotte
you slut shame women like pilgrims
like harlot
you know your position in politics start shit
trump talking about chi guns but it didn’t matter
just because they got it from indiana
it didn’t come as a shock to me that Mike Pence hates queers
though conversion therapy is still legal you fuck face
America our function
get off that fuck shit
fuck you got a list against you
fuck you think I’m listless for
wake up on christmas morn
here’s your gift an AR-54
four dudes back of a four door
pull up like oh lord
please don’t ask me for direction
i haven’t been to cls yet
but they had a different question
like, “those yoga pants, faggot?”
both in the front had at it
i wasn’t mad at it but
damn like what kind of no communication tactic
like what you expect man
like where you want me other than the attic
i stay with queers we will act up
we won’t move up north to Canada
we’ll take up space u must back up
mark my words on your calendar
we don’t want you here
this is the limit of my creativity
this is the last of my levity
jokes are over i can’t get over it
can’t broker no bridge over levies
no chance for the tories
while I’m at it
fuck tony abbot
I love Costello
fuck the Cosby
and his jello
fuck David Cameron
love Toni Morrison
fuck party loyalty I’ll vote republican if I have to
how did you not know you had to
I’ll burn Cali candles
just to feel numb ‘fore my party cancelled

IV Vitriol

hop out the coup like a fascist
cops in the coupe they still fascists
i need a crow for the long flight
i need antifa for a long time
till we hit some goldmines
cell phone blow up, call it a landmine
corporations with the land grab
eminent domain put up sandbags
we’re here to take our country back
we’re queer, immigrants, people of color, disabled
this country was not built on a safe space
But we’re here now
Its not for your alt right, off-white pale face
fuck your capitalism, your mcdonalds play place
y’all got play dates with racists like steve bannon
can’t believe this is real life, not fiction but canon
lets bring out the anti-fascists
lets wring out neo-capitalists
If they pack the court we’ll
burn down SCOTUS staircase
catch a court case from a neo nazi
From a white nationalist southerner
hope all them fuckers die like yahtzee
ill fight a midwestern governor
how did we not see this coming
they’re really liars, why did we think they were bluffing
dog whistle politics loud as fuck
catch me hogtied in back of their truck