Dear Friend,

When we first decided to start a magazine, Solomon Miller ’12, Joe Wlos ’15, and I thought we were endeavouring on an artistic challenge to create Grinnell’s longform self-portrait. We tried soliciting journalistic articles and non-fiction personal essays about the Grinnell experience. We dabbled in printing what we thought was some appropriate, enlightening, and sometimes funny fiction.

When we told [plans] that the GUM was back, alums exalted, “IT IS RISEN!?” After we published our first issue, people on campus who remembered what the GUM was before it sputtered out supported us for creating a publication that was less jocular than what the GUM represented in the 90s and early 2000s.

When the GUM imploded [in October 2014], it was not for being lightheartedly offensive, but for discussing a matter that continues to affect our discourse on this campus — Title IX. With this issue, we’re hoping to explore the anxieties of the Grinnell experience with our content. Our writers are asking: Why do I feel so alone here? When did routine aspects of my life become so scary? How do I assert my personhood to bigots?

We can only continue publishing because people like you want to write for us. If you have any strong ideas about the Grinnellian condition, be them fictional, journalistic, personal-essay, or whatever format in which you feel most comfortable expressing yourself, send them to us.

Thank you for reading us, and thank you for writing for us. Starting this magazine was one of my most foundational experiences at Grinnell, and it’s been a pleasure sharing it with [you].

Nathan Forman
Editor-in-Chief, Fall 2012-Spring 2015